We are an indie game development studio based in Rostock, Germany who creates serious, emotional and unusual games.

– Our Games

Gaze Into Fate

‚Gaze Into Fate‘ is a relaxing and story-driven puzzler for Windows PC & Android, where you have to find your place in a world of endless wars. Can you make a change? 50+ challanging puzzels, a fully voiced story line and highly polished visuals and sounds are making this game to a special game experience.

– Who we are

We are a bunch of passionate gamers excited to tell our own stories.

Our team consists of professionals from different creative fields who want to use their skills to create new, impressive worlds. We work with freelancers from all over the world to build unique experiences.

As a team and friends, we have been working together in the creative industry on advertising, presentations and campaigns for a long time. But many of us are passionate about video games, great stories, interactive experiences and the latest technology.

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