Discover answers to decisions we all have to make.

– About

The wilds are scarred by the endless cycle of war. It’s time for a change.

In a world that has always been the way it is, Tiiyao, a shaman and tribal leader, searches for knowledge and answers.

Communicate with your ancestors and experience an intense story in this approximately 45 to 60 minute game experience that will also make you search for answers. Why do the cycle of war never ends? Which is the right path? What is your fate in this world? Do we even have a choice?

Available on Windows PC & Android holiday 2022.

– Features

Immerse yourself in a primeval, shattered world and find your so needed answers.

  • An exciting story with a serious background
  • 50+ challenging but not frustrating puzzles
  • fully voiced characters
  • highly polished, hand drawn visuals
  • coherent soundtrack and sound effects
  • multi language support
  • for Windows PC & Android


Game Director & Producer: Tom Radziwill — Narrative Writer: Sarah Weinmann & Tom Radziwill — 2D Art: Teresa Mokosch & Melanie Schulze — 3D Art: Philipp Spaans — Unity Developer: Jakob Ostermann — Marketing & Community Management: Isabell Trubizki — Voice Actor: Richard J. Browning — SFX & Sound: Will O Wisp Production