– October developer update

Welcome to our second developer update. Today we have some news to share with you and we hope you love what you are about to read. Thanks again for following our journey and without further to do, let’s get into the news!

Developing progress

Since our last developer update early september, we run through two different beta builds. We changed quiet a lot of mechanics and riddles and now our game is fully playable and there are just some minor things to do. We still have to implement the graphics for the final scene and we need to fix some bugs.

In the meantime we preparing the steam & google play store page to get ready for launch. We sadly have to cut some language support for now. ‚Gaze Into Fate‘ will support English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and French at launch. More languages could be added in the future.

We are looking forward to share more screenshots and a gameplay trailer of our game very soon. Stay updated by following our social media accounts!

100% free to play

We spend quiet some time and money in the production of ‚Gaze Into Fate‘ and we are really proud of what we had created. But instead of making you pay for our debut game we want to spread the game to as many player as we can. We decided to make our game 100% free to play which means there are no microtransactions or any ads nor dlcs.

This little game is telling you a story of our time set in a time long before ours and it’s meant to played now. This makes it easy to get into that game. We encourage you to spread the word so we can reach as many players possible.

We will inform you when the shop pages are available and the launch date is set.

– Tom Radziwill, Game Director